I help others to make their projects better 15+ years experience with Microsoft technologies



Me and my colleagues from RIGANTI often help other software companies with solving difficult problems, challenges and technical decisions. We were designing the architecture of complex ERP products, helping with choosing the right technologies for web frontend or mobile applications and so on.

Thanks to the fact I am also running a privately-owned company, I can see things from the business perspective, which helps me to recommend a solution which makes sense from the technical point of view and is viable from the business side.

I can help you with

Design an architecture of a new solution

Is monolithic approach good for this scenario, or should you go microservices? How to approach the modularity and extensibility? How the layers should look like? What are responsibilities of the business layer?

Choosing the right frontend technologies

WinForms, WPF or UWP for desktop? Xamarin or React Native for mobile apps? Angular, React, pure ASP.NET MVC or DotVVM for web application?

Migration to the cloud

Do you need to move your application in the cloud? Are you afraid of the pricing and need to help with cost optimizations? Is serverless or containers a way to go in your case?

Modernizing of applications

Do you have a legacy app with old codebase, technical debt, but it is just not possible to rewrite it from scratch? Do you consider integrating the old code base with modern technologies or frameworks?

Memory and performance optimizations

Is your application slow? Is it consuming more and more memory? Do you have problems with its stability, unpredictable performance or reliability?

Learn how to do testing

You know that you should have tests in your project, but you never had time to do that? Do you need to cover critical parts of existing application with tests, or explain how to do it?

Design a learning plan for the entire team

Is your team struggling with some specific technology or area of .NET or web development? You know that your knowledge is outdated, but don’t know where to start? I can help you with creating a complex learning plan and setting priorities on what you should focus on.

Of course, the list is not exhaustive and there are a lot of other scenarios where I can help you. Just ask me – it’s free.